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  The Office of the County Assessor determines the property value of homes, businesses, and other taxable property in Bernalillo County. The office also prepares the   tax roll for the county treasurer on real property (land and improvements), personal property (business equipment), livestock, and mobile homes.  

  The priorities of the Office of the County Assessor are to maintain trust, integrity and transparency to the public; and is dedicated to updating technology and policies,   as well as providing hands-on assistance to taxpayers. Please note that this site is considered a demonstration and, as such, the accuracy or currency of data cannot   be guaranteed.  

 The assessor has the following responsibilities:
  • Locate all taxable property in the county and identify the ownership
  • Establish a value for all property subject to property taxation
  • List the value of all property on the assessment roll
  • Apply all legal exemptions
 The assessor does not:
  • Compute property tax bills
  • Collect property taxes
  • Establish property tax laws
  • Set rules by which property is appraised


  Enacting Legislation:
  County Assessors shall determine values of property for property taxation purposes in accordance with the Property Tax Code [Chapter 7, Article 35 to 38 NMSA1978], the articles of the New Mexico   Constitution and the regulations, orders, rulings and instructions of the department. They shall also implement a program of updating property values so that current and correct values of property are   maintained and shall have sole responsibility and authority at the County level for property valuation maintenance, subject only to the general supervisory powers of the director.